Design Feedback

Actionable feedback on your design

We can all stir ourselves blind on work that is close to us. Design Feedback is here to give you thoughtful sparring on your landing page or marketing website.
Thanks for the feedback! Extremely useful comments, applying everything you suggested. 🤩

Why Design Feedback?

Design is never done

The blessing & curse of design is that it's never done. Communicate more clearly, look the part and build the trust you need to convert.

Outside perspective

Our experienced designer comes with fresh eyes to your project. Get help to see things that you might have grown accustomed to.

Sound investment

For a small cost, you get practical, detailed feedback that, when implemented, help you earn more month after month.

Thanks so much. This is so helpful you have no idea. Will implement some of these in the next push.

How does it work?

  1. You give some details on your project
  2. We get to work
  3. You receive feedback and can take action right away
Your perspective and advice is very valuable to us. We appreciate it very much.
Lucas Ferreira Cunha

What can you expect feedback on?

Look & feel

Get feedback on layout, hierarchy, typography, colors, photography & illustration.


How does your navigation, structure, functionality & interaction fit together?


Receive thoughts on message, pacing, tone of voice, legibility & calls to action.

Hey, this is good feedback - thank you! I’ll work on everything you pointed out
Mike Rubini


We offer diffrent plans based on the size of your company and the amount of feedback you want.

Thank you so much for your detailed feedback. We will work on it right away.
Sandra Castejon Fanlo
We’ve all been there, putting our hearts and souls into a project. Closing in on the finish line, we ask ourselves, is this any good?

After spending weeks, perhaps months, on a project, we’ve grown so familiar to it that we’re no longer able to judge it fairly.

That’s why I launched Design Feedback – to be the outside eye and help companies like yours improve their landing pages & marketing sites.

Alfred Nerstu
Designer & Founder of Design Feedback @alfrednerstu
Thanks for your practical feedback on our landing page. We’re updating it, your points are helpful for us. Appreciate.
Jun Misaki